Friday, 10 July 2015

Results day

The last few days have been plagued with the stress of the results from my "finals".

Well, they have finally arrived and I've managed to pass all of my exams. Given how some of them felt they went this came as some what of a surprise. This now means that I can take advantage of my down-time without having to revise for resits.

As we have had to send a nurse to Nuuk with a patient and we have a new interpreter who speaks English I have been consulting patients on my own (with the other staff in a nearby room for advice and support).

It's been nice to have this responsibility that I don't get in the UK, although with good support very close to stop it being stressful.

We have a new nurse arrive tonight so we will have some food to welcome her and her husband, and no doubt a few celebratory bottles of wine.

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