About my trip

My 5 week trip to Upernavik in Greenland is primarily a medical elective as part of my medical degree at the University of Liverpool. I will be on placement at the hospital in Upernavik and also trying to enjoy the wilderness and culture such a place has to offer.

Upernavik is a small town on a small island in north west Greenland. You can find the town on Google Maps

As well as getting cultural and medical experience on my trip I hope to get off the island and do some walking and photography in the islands of the archipelago surrounding the town.

To get there I am flying from Gatwick to Copenhagen, then to Kangerlussuaq, then to Ilulissat where I have to wait over night before the final flight to Upernavik. These last 2 flights are on Dash-7 planes which should be nice and snug. I'm planning on taking advantage of the stop over in Ilulissat to take some photos and so I haven't booked a hotel room and I'm really hoping for good weather.

I am writing this blog partly so friends and family can see what I'm getting up to and also to provide information to people planning trips to this area as there was a lack of information available for some aspects of my planning.

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