Thursday, 9 July 2015

Fresh fish

The last few days have been fairly uneventful, I've just been going to hospital and then back home. The TV consists of old British programs with Danish subtitles.

Last night I went fishing with one of the Nurse's Husbands, there was plenty to catch, but he said that most of the catch wasn't great to eat. Then just before we packed up I caught a cod (I'm told it was a cod), which made a nice dinner and a nice change from all of the canned and frozen food I've been living on since I got here.

Once again the mosquitos were a problem, although nothing like the numbers that are in Ilulissat. They are a slight annoyance, but made up for with the surroundings being so different to anywhere else I've been.

This morning the town is buzzing with our new arrivals, the Danish royal Yacht has arrived with a naval escort ship. The queen of Denmark is expected to be here on Sunday, assuming the weather is ok for a plane to land. There are some things planned for her visit, but I'm not sure if I will get to meet her.

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