Tuesday, 30 June 2015

The first few Days: Mosquitos, whales and icebergs.

Finally I'm in the Arctic, but not in my final destination. After a long day travelling from London via Copenhagen and Kangerlussuaq I'm in Ilulissat. I arrived last night around midnight with the sun up as if it was daytime and that twinned with having to go both directions in time zones on route I really had no clue what time it was. The flights were pleasant enough with an interesting contrast between the Airbus A330 and the Dash-8.

This morning I got up around 6am to go for a walk. Even at that time it was warm, but the mosquitos weren't too bad. I walked down toward the fjord where it is thought that the iceberg that sank the Titanic was born.

As it warmed up the mossys increased so the trick was to keep moving and stay in the wind.

While perched on a rock listening to the popping and cracking of the ice I saw a whale who stayed around for a while. This is the sort of experience you won't get many places: sunshine, icebergs, and whales.

Then it was back to my room for a nap before checking out ready for my 4th and final flight to Upernavik. This will be on a dash-8 too as they are one of the few planes that can service the small runways that are around this country.

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